STIWOT is short for "STichting Informatie WereldOorlog Twee" or Foundation for Information on World War 2. It was founded in 2002 from the website, established in 1999 by Frank van der Drift.


STIWOT aims to further knowledge of the Second World War in military, political, economic, cultural and social areas. By informing people about this period in our history, we strive to keep memories alive. STIWOT advocates the free distribution of knowledge. That is why most of the information provided by us is free for all to consult.


STIWOT has a vast target group. Anyone looking for information on World War Two, whether for a hobby, education, profession or private research, can turn to STIWOT for information.


STIWOT reaches its goal as well as its target group largely via the Internet. STIWOT manages various websites on the history of the Second World War, including and and in future will continue to develop more websites.


Apart from management of its websites, STIWOT concerns itself with:

Foreign countries

STIWOT focuses mainly on the Dutch linguistic area but wishes to reach also those interested in WW2 living abroad by building and managing multi-lingual websites. For the time being, STIWOT manages two multi-lingual websites, viz. and The site you are visiting now is partly set up in various languages.


STIWOT is completely dependent on donations and sponsors. The expenditures of the foundation consist mainly of hosting expenditures for the websites. Further costs are, i.a., for packaging and handling and purchase of office equipment.


STIWOT can be contacted through the contactform on the website or through Although we prefer contact by e-mail, we can by reached by ordinary mail at:

P.O. box 44
NL 1170AA Badhoevedorp